Janssens history

Janssens nv is specialised in aluminium verandas with high thermal insulation properties, swimming pool covers, aluminium orangeries and greenhouses.

Two for all

Histroriek01Messr René Janssens and Luc Geerts are Janssens nv's managing directors. René, son of founder Constant Janssens, joined the family business in the late seventies. (In turn, his son Peter is one of the younger employees). In 1996, Luc Geerts joined the management team. Together with René, this engineer and architect is preparing the company for the challenges of the 21st century.



historiek04On 12 September 1946, Constant Janssens founded a cabinet maker's shop called Janssens in Lier (Belgium). In 1956, Janssens became a construction company specialised in arches. These arches were used in the construction of greenhouses, sports halls and machine shops. Janssens built up a solid reputation in this period. The workshops amounted to 300m2. Lack of space forced the company to move to new premises in 1960 on the Mechelsesteenweg. The workshops now covered 1,250m2 which was doubled again 2 years later. In the seventies, son René strengthened the family business. Under his impulse, the traditional use of wood was replaced by aluminium which formed the basis for the current production of verandas, summer houses, swimming pool covers and hobby greenhouses.

In 1984, the first products were exported to European countries. The universal range was welcomed with open hands in the rest of Europe and exports became hugely important for the company. The company grew and has continued to grow since. In 1996, the latest aluminium working tools were added to the already existing machinery and the design and development division was fully automated. The company now covers an area of about 6,500m2.



historiek05With more than 57 years of experience, Janssens is one of Belgium's leading veranda constructors. The company produces mid and top range high-quality verandas, orangeries and summer houses. The essence of the activities is aluminium construction with thermal insulation: our own profile series is characterised by remarkable stability and insulating values and allows the creative team to construct a veranda that meets the customer's specific requirements and budget.